Born in Brookhaven, New York. David Healy first picked up photography as an elective in high school because he just needed the extracurricular activity to graduate and figure photography would be fun since he already was getting into the arts with his music. While he thought he was just getting credits he was realizing more and more how much he loved the adventure that came with the creative process of capturing the moment in a photo. He started in a dark room with his first Canon SLR before graduating to a digital DSLR many years later. The funny thing is he thought he wasn't very good so instead of giving up, he tried harder. It wasn't until a school nurse who worked at his high school asked if he could print out one of his photos so she could hang it up in her home. He realized that maybe there was something there since someone other than his family who was very supportive of him wanted something he thought was just an “Okay” photo to him.

He’s been bouncing around the country these past several years and the one thing that’s always with him is some sort of camera. While landscape photography is his passion he wanted to dip his toes into every genre of photography so he began relearning lighting and the basics of photography all over again. His thought was why limit yourself to one type of genre that seems kind of close-minded. He now has evolved as a “Visual Artist” as he calls it since the camera is just a tool in his arsenal but how he sees things is the art that he is trying to portray. He won’t turn down an opportunity to learn the new genre so what was just landscape photography has now turned to commercial, corporate, aerial, site surveying, architecture, weddings, portraiture, concert, street, vehicles, engagements, and anything else you can think of!


David enjoys just capturing the moment and really was never a fan of staged photos since it seemed like “stock” photography you see everywhere. He’s been inspired by many photographers and music. One of his favorite things to do is match an image of his to a musician's lyric, almost as if he was bringing a new dimension to his style. Residing in NY after living in Colorado and before that bouncing around living out of his trusty Subaru. His work spans around America. From California to Florida to New England and everything in-between. Before each shoot, David will make his clients feel like they are a part of his family and vice versa. You can almost see the weight lifted off their shoulders when they know he’s going to take care of them. He reminds people that this is supposed to be fun as well as challenging. When he shows the client the back of his camera so they see the raw image and they get super excited, that’s why he does it. Seeing that smile and excitement is what keeps him going.


Reinventing himself again and again he has settled on the brand “DHAPV,” meaning David Healy, Audio | Photography | Videography as he learns new skills his name has changed over the years. Now beginning to team up with other artists to create art and really flex his creative muscles. He wants to be different but still manages to catch your eye and have you think to yourself, “I’ve seen that style before but there’s something different about his, and I love it!”

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